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About Us:

Why Moijey


since 2009


Moijey Fine Jewelry & Diamonds is owned and operated by Daniel Moijueh, a graduate of the American Institute of Diamond Cutting. Consulting with customers across the globe since 2009, Moijueh utilizes his training and field experience in diamonds over the years to offer superior service to his clientele.  At Moijey Fine Jewelry & Diamonds, a team of diamond experts possess knowledge that extends beyond the basic 4cs (Color, Cut , Clarity and Carat) to insure that each customer  is  always well-informed about a jewelry item prior to purchasing and receives nothing less than exceptional customer service and a hassle-free shopping experience.


Our customers at Moijey Fine Jewelry & Diamonds are primary, so our team is devoted to including only the finest diamonds and precious metals in our highly select inventory, while also offering professional, one-on-one diamond consultations for investors and prospective buyers. High quality jewelry, reasonable costs and convenience are major priorities for the sophisticated and active Moijey client; therefore, at Moijey Fine Jewelry & Diamonds, our mission reflects a commitment to the highest standards and provision of premier quality products on behalf of our customers. Moijey Fine Jewelry & Diamonds also carries a distinct reputation as a company with a conscience, as 10% of all proceeds go to the M.O.I. (Minds of Intelligence) Foundation, dedicated to eradicating illiteracy in African countries.


At Moijey Fine Jewelry & Diamonds, we adhere to a strict zero-tolerance policy for conflict diamonds. Customers may be assured that we make every effort to insure that we do not knowingly purchase or sell any conflict diamonds.  At Moijey Fine Jewelry & Diamonds, we comply with the Kimberley Process. In 2000, the world adopted the Kimberley Process, a UN-mandated process that assures customers that 99% of diamonds are sourced free of conflict. If you would like more information, please consult the following site, www.diamondfacts.org.